Any campsite operator wishing to offer their guests a high-quality recreational program with a connection to nature can turn to us.

We provide consultation and train you on how to put the offer successfully into practice.

Participation in nature experiences may include the following:

  • Analysis of natural potential and conditions on the campsite and in the region
  • Presentation of different ideas for nature experience activities
  • Tips on designing targeted offers
  • Nature experience packages with game proposals, instructions and materials
  • Drills and exercises to implement the nature experience package

Whether you want to look at specific issues or have special requirements, we look at your individual situation and meet your needs. It is important that the offer is right for you and your company.

If you are interested or have any questions, get in touch!

Individual companies can participate in the nature experience at any time. Sometimes a group project will already be running in which you can take part (current projects).