So much is possible.

We want to show you a small part of the nature experience in practice, to give you a clearer idea of what it could mean specifically at a campsite:

Water: More than cold and wet

  • Water detectives: Learn about the little creatures that cavort in streams and lakes
  • Raft building: Build and sail a raft together on the water
  • Scientifically considered: Perform experiments with water
  • Dandelion pipeline: Move water from A to B with a self-built pipeline

Fire: One topic, plenty of possibilities

  • Build a cooker: Build a hearth or a clay oven
  • Make fire without matches: Fire striking (sparks), fire boring (friction) or light concentration using a magnifying glass
  • Campfire cooking: Cooking over a fire, cooking in embers or ashes, recipes for campfire cooking
  • Everyday objects produced by fire: Burn spoons and produce charcoal

Natural Colours: Fascinating diversity

  • Colours produced from: petals, leaves and fruits
  • The colours of the rainbow: discover the colours of your surroundings
  • Face-painting flowers: create colourful art on your arms and legs

Depending on design, topics are suitable for all ages - and nature provides plenty more.