Campsites recommended by us are committed to environmental and climate protection. Join in!

We have put together some environmental tips. If you observe them, you can contribute a loton holiday and in everyday life.


Go camping

  • A camping holiday causes significantly fewer CO2 emissions than long-distance travel with a hotel stay.
  • Support campsites committed to environmental protection and make this a criteria in your holiday planning.

Use eco-friendly transport

  • If possible: travel by train or bus – e.g. when booking rental accommodation. Many hosts will pick you up from the nearest station on request.
  • Use bicycles or public transport for local excursions.

Reduce your CO2 emissions

  • Balance journeys and resulting emissions by supporting carbon offset projects - for example via
  • If you are travelling by car, drive in a fuel-efficient manner.

Save water and energy

  • Do not use the shower for longer than necessary. Stop the water while soaping.
  • Use a plug when washing dishes instead of washing them under running water.
  • Try to use gas instead of electricity for heating and cooking.
  • Turn off heating and air conditioning when you leave your accommodation.

Shop consciously

  • Local products require shorter transport distances and result in fewer CO2 emissions.
  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables taste better than imported goods that have travelled long distances - and mean fewer CO2 emissions
  • Organic products usually have a better ecological balance than those from conventional agriculture
  • When shopping for products, be aware of animal welfare.
  • Avoid products with unnecessary packaging.
  • If possible, buy products made from recycled materials.
  • Do not use products with flush water additives in your camping toilet, or only use products with Blue Angel.

Dispose of waste responsibly

  • Dispose of waste water only in designated drains. Road gullies often empty untreated water into streams or lakes.
  • Separate your waste carefully and use the sorting containers provided.

Exchange ideas

  • Your opinion is important to us: campsite staff are pleased to receive praise, but also want to know if you are unsatisfied.

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